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Local Flavors of Great Britain

Great Britain is definitely more than just a collection of world-renowned historical capitals with beautiful and expansive countryside in between. There's more to the island than just the cosmopolitan attractions of London, the royal heritage of Edinburgh, or the coastal allure of Cardiff. Bustling markets to quaint villages, labyrinthine streets to sprawling landscapes, majestic palaces to cozy pubs; there's certainly plenty to be excited about. Venturing out from the city limits would reward curious and willing travelers with a solid grasp on many components of quintessential British life: the traditions, the culture, the geography, the people, and of course... the food.

From England's assortment of comfort staples such as Yorkshire puddings and Cornish pasties to Welsh classics like Rarebit and Glamorgan sausages to Scotland's legendary single malt and blended whiskys, travelers can expect a cuisine that has the ability to be sophisticated, working class, fine, and hearty all at the same time. With a burgeoning culinary scene that constantly strives to elevate British food and drink to exquisite levels, now is the best time to head out and sample what Great Britain has to offer!


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London has long been a melting pot of people and cultures, and nothing illustrates this better than the city's diverse culinary and bar scenes-from Michelin-starred restaurants to innovative street food.

A plethora of exciting artisan producers work out of London, including gin distillers, craft beer brewers, and chocolatiers. Not only that, but you can find the best produce from across Britain at one of London's many food markets.

As a city that welcomes people from all over the world, London has been enjoying cultural influences like no other, maintaining its status as a culinary powerhouse. In a state of constant evolution, this capital will always manage to seduce you with something new on the dining table, may it be local, foreign or fusion. All you must do is stay excited and hungry.


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The people of Yorkshire are immensely proud of all aspects of their county, especially their food and drink. Yorkshire has a diverse landscape featuring cosmopolitan cities, pretty market towns, rugged coastline and the famous Moors and Dales, something which is reflected in the range of food and drink experiences on offer.

Today, some of Britain's best meat, cheese, beer and baked goods producers can be found here and, from local markets to renowned restaurants, there is no better place than Yorkshire to sample these local delicacies.


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A visit to the South West county of Cornwall never disappoints. Not only is the region blessed with the best of the British weather, but also with some of the finest food and drink. A journey along the coast will cover many picturesque fishing towns and present numerous opportunities to sample the morning's local catch, be it delicious oysters or crab, or traditional fish and chips.

The beauty of Cornwall lies in its diversity. Its ideal location and mild climate makes it a perfect destination with a wide variety of products, managing to please all of its visitors.

Whether you are looking for exquisite delicacies in a Michelin starred restaurant, hearty meals in the Cornish countryside or just a quick bite at the local pub, Cornwall deserves nothing but praise.

Lake District

Credit: ©VisitBritain/Mark Gilligan

Cumbria is an area of immense beauty. Stunning lakes, valleys and stone-built villages reminisce the romantic setting of ages past. Adored by both locals and eager travelers, the Lake District attracts visitors all year round with its unique charm that changes with every season.

Aside from the already known beauties within, Cumbria's fame lies in its locally-sourced and carefully-crafted Northwestern food and drink. A place that truly understands the art and craft of cuisine, it has and still delights us with exquisite products such as Grasmere Gingerbread, sticky toffee pudding and, of course, the Cumberland sausage.

The Lake District also boasts the highest concentration of Michelin stars outside of London, cementing the area's reputation as a superb destination for foodies. Country pubs can be found in almost every corner, where many craft beers can be enjoyed along with tales and legends from the friendly locals.

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A country's character is best described on the dining table and Wales is no different. The beloved Welsh cakes, rarebits or vegan Glamorgan sausages, all contribute to the culinary scene, each with a different story to tell. Tales of prosperity or hard times, you will learn them all while indulging in the local cuisine.

Modern Welsh cooking is about top-quality ingredients; cooked simply, to let natural flavors shine through. Indulge in lamb from mountains and saltmarshes, Welsh Black beef, Carmarthen ham, and abundant seafood. To wash it down, turn to ales from artisan breweries, Welsh wine, whisky, and gin, as well as plenty of fresh spring water.

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With a hefty selection of outstanding and award- winning restaurants, cafes and bars, dining out in Edinburgh is a culinary adventure worth experiencing. A plethora of diverse places to eat and drink certainly ensures that there will always be something that appeals to all manner of tastes and budgets.

A gorgeous city that remains youthful and vibrant, Edinburgh is the renowned cultural capital of the North where the old and new gracefully coexist. With the Atlantic on its doorstep, fresh mountain waters and fertile soil, Scotland's abundant natural ladder is renowned for its unrivaled quality. As a returning visitor, you will definitely want to stray from the usual places, off to new openings and hidden gems. No matter how many times you return, Edinburgh will always astonish so loosen up your belt and get ready to explore.

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